7th July

FOAOTMAD CD Reviewers Needed Please

FOAOTMAD members will be aware that review section of the Old Time News has now grown in size. The last edition contained over 20 reviews and I very much hope to be able to keep the section at a similar size in future issues. In order to do this I am keen to recruit more people to write reviews. You will need some familiarity with old-time music but you don’t need to be an expert by any means – enthusiasm and a critical ear are more important. Hopefully the latest edition will give you a flavour of what a review needs to cover – some background on the band, some comments on a few tracks and an overall view of who might enjoy it. Most reviews are of CDs but I’d also like to see more books and DVDs reviewed so if that is something you might feel more comfortable with, then that’s fine.

The other thing we will need is material to review. I’d like to encourage everyone to get the word out to any old-time musicians you know that we would love to receive any new CDs, books etc for review. If you know of anyone, or if you see a good band at a festival please do recommend that they consider the Old Time News as an outlet for having their work reviewed

For those who are not members, and who therefore won’t have had a copy of the magazine, the first page of the review section can be downloaded from here


All enquiries about reviewing or submitting material can be directed to me at reviews@foaotmad.org.uk



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