8th August

Glebe Farm Bluegrass and Old-Time ‘Picking and Learning’ Festival

Glebe Farm Bluegrass and Old-Time ‘Picking and Learning’ festival on 11th/13th August at Glebe Farm, Astbury, just south of Congleton. Cheshire.

The clawhammer workshop will be led by ace player and all round nice chap Jim Allen, while pickers will explore the uncharted areas of the fingerboard with expert Andy Anderson. There might be mandolin and guitar workshops as well.  Griffin Banjos will attend with a display of several models to see and try.

Evening entertainment will be by (high class) scratch bands, and all for the measly price of £35 for the weekend. Check it out online, Facebook etc.

No Blog from Wednesday 9th August

Please note:  I am at Summer camp for a week so will not be updating the blog until my return on the 19th. Hope to see you at Sacrewell. Paul.


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