8th January

A Five-String Banjo Sourcebook

The American 5-string banjo is many things: a physical object of material culture with roots back to Africa and farther east, and a complex and ongoing development in North America; an equally complex musical culture ranging through vernacular, classical, and popular musical idioms and histories; and connections to social, cultural, and artistic networks. One volume cannot encompass all this, but GĂ©rard De Smaele’s earlier work in French, “Banjo Attitudes”, comes close. In the meantime we are lucky to have in hand De Smaele’s exhaustive compendium of history, research. and commentary on the banjo that will inform and nourish inquiry and interest.

Art Rosenbaum, 2018


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CD Reviews

People will have noticed that the review section in the Old Time News has expanded considerably and I really need to increase the panel of reviewers. You will hopefully have seen the reviews in the magazine and so have a good idea of what is expected. You don’t have to be an old-time expert, but you do need to have a reasonable knowledge of old-time music and musicians in order to provide a helpful review. I always invite reviewers to select what they wish to review so you won’t be asked to review something you don’t like or know nothing about. Please email me if you are interested stevewise555@gmail.com, or find me at Gainsborough to talk about it.


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