28th February

Sore Fingers Stop Press! Old Time Fiddle

Jock Tyldesley, brilliant Old Time Fiddler has offered to teach an extra fiddle class at S.F.Week 2018. We’re slightly short on O.T. Fiddlers and we need a decent posy if the O.T. fiddlin’ fraternity are going to retain their bar session supremacy!

So, as it’s late in the day and need to move fast to see if this extra course can run. We need a minimum of 10 students to make it work. If we don’t get that number, the course is unlikely to run.

At this stage, don’t send any money, complete a form with Jock as your tutor choice and your accommodation choices. Once we have a feel for the likely numbers, we’ll contact you for payments.

If you do book and the course doesn’t go ahead, you will be offered a place on Tatiana Hargreaves class. No obligation though.

Sore Fingers Facebook Page Here

Please send an email to john@sorefingers.co.uk as soon as possible

Appalachian Step Dancing Workshop and Concert

IF you fancy learning the basics of Appalachian Step Dancing then this could be your chance. On Sunday 11th March at 2pm in the Bleddfa Centre near Knighton, Powys Mid-Wales there will be a workshop with experienced dancers and live music from local Old Time band Little Hoedown. Places are limited and can be booked by calling 01982 551116 or 01544 350407. The fee is £10.

In the evening there will be an acoustic concert at 7.30pm featuring music from choice local performers Black Mountain Boy, Little Hoedown, Rose Westrip Band and a display by the dance tutors. There will be refreshments available and doors open at 7pm.

Tickets cost £5 and can be booked in advance by calling 01544 350407, 01547 528315 or 01982 551116. In the past these events have been very popular and as space is limited it is advisable to book.

Griffin Tubaphone Banjo for Sale

Griffin tubaphone banjo for sale ,custom built in 2016 , have all corresponding paperwork , perfect condition with John Balch calfskin head fitted , walnut pot with ebony rim cap 11” head cost £1500 will accept £1000 call Nick on 07792062638

Email reverend.delta@googlemail.com

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