28th June

FOAOTMAD November workshops

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Hi again all Pickin Lunchtimers!

Your Old Time fix for July at Pickin Lunchtime is the very first day so minimal cold turkey 🙂 Sunday 1st July 2018 in Reading at our favourite venue The Global Cafe 3-6pm

Please do share with your musical/dancing/clogging friends too! (all levels & friends too are all welcome at this open cafe experience. Free parking, also close to station, more details and clips on our new website Pickin Lunchtime link below.
See you Sunday
Colm, Cathy & Stu
Pickin Lunchtime

We can also be found on Facebook:
Pickin Lunchtimes Facebook Group

And again a quick plug for my Colm’s Old Time Listening Wall (feedback appreciated). I highly recommend checking out Bill Smedley’s excellent Old Time Music Hour

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WOTMAD 2018 Update

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The site is booked for us from midday Friday 27 July to midday Mon 30 July.

Please remember to bring your swimming gear, your insect repellent, and your tasty morsels to incinerate on the communal barbecue. There is a garage shop about 3 miles away if you forget to bring your own booze. And an up market Booth’s supermarket in Ulverston for organic wines, olives, sour dough bread and Prosecco. And while you’re in Ulverston, don’t miss a visit to the Laurel & Hardy Museum.

We have a strict drink and drugs policy on this site. Any camper found drinking Prosecco will be ignominiously ejected from the site.

That’s it for now,



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