FOAOTMAD is dedicated to American Old Time music and Appalachian music events in the UK. We also care about your privacy and are transparent in the way that we collect, store and use your data.

We want to make sure that you understand why we ask you for some personal data, what we do with that information, and the rights and choices you have over how we use your data. This Privacy Notice explains how we process your data.

We collect information using your application form to join FOAOTMAD and use the Mailchimp GDPR compliant opt in form for permission to send you our event email and blog updates. More Information

First and Last Name
Email address
Postal Address

Where we Store your Information
Your Name and Email address are stored on Mailchimp’s TLS encrypted servers. More Information

We also keep your name and address on a password protected PC for magazine and subscription renewals.

How we use your information
To notify you via email to give you information regarding Old Time sessions, events and performance.

To send you your Old Time News magazine and FOAOTMAD subscription renewals.

Disclosing your data to other individuals, companies or organizations

Your Rights and Choices
If you would prefer not to receive our information email, you can opt out using the Mailchimp unsubscribe link as shown on each message.

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